Jiu-Jitsu 201: Cross Collar Series

Jiu-jitsu 201: Cross Collar series
Think of this video as both an explicit series of techniques that work in tandem, as well as a more conceptual overview of the types of attacks and opportunities that play off the cross collar grip.
A strong, deep cross collar grip instantly forces your opponent onto the defensive, and invariably he or she will expose some opportunity when addressing your grip.
Shallower grips can be useful as well — you will lose the ability to successfully perform the basic X-choke, but the looser grip can sometimes fly under your opponent’s radar and be just as deadly.
This video speaks more to the deep cross-collar grip, and how we can use it from a strong close guard to attack in a direct way regardless of what defense stands in our way.
Make sure to watch to the end, where I show my FAVORITE attack from there. You’ll rarely see this even executed on video, and I guarantee nobody else is showing it!