Jiu-Jitsu 101: Fundamentals of Wrestling

It’s undeniable that a base in wrestling is one of the most valuable assets to have coming into combat sports. The ability to establish your base, and disrupt the base of others, is at the core of every other martial arts style.

Although we may not strategically lean on our wrestling skills across the different disciplines, having a fundamental understanding of how to wrestle will set you up for success in whichever endeavor you pursue.

This video details a series of fundamental skills and is concept heavy. At around 30 minutes long, there is a lot to digest! Take your time and refer back to it regularly. Often, as beginners, we are unable to internalize certain concepts because we lack the proper context. It is imperative to constantly review the fundamentals as you acquire experience, as you will have the ability to see things at a deeper level from your enhanced perspective.

This video details these concepts and skills:
Stance — How to set yourself up for success in Wrestling, and why
Penetration Step — The fundamental skill utilized in all the lower body attacks
Wrestling vs. BJJ –How they compare, and how they work together
Layers of Defense — Hands, Head, Hips
Setups — Defeating the 3 Layers of Defense
Flow Drills — Practicing in a flux environment
The High Crotch — Head outside single leg, attacking your opponent’s cross leg
The Sweep Single — Head inside single leg, attacking your opponent’s mirror leg
Chain Wrestling: High Crotch to Sweep Single — Putting wrestling elements together, and understanding the “anchor principle”
Additional tips and tricks — Miscellaneous review