Striking 101: Shadowboxing and Bag Work Companion

Building a systematic shadowboxing and bag work routine

Shadowboxing and bag work are key elements of any training regimen — each drill presents its own challenges, benefits, and drawbacks. Taken as a whole, consistent adherence to shadowboxing, bag work, pad work, dutch drills, and sparring will produce a well-rounded understanding and set of striking skills.

These videos, in addition to the companion document, are designed to help you build out a shadowboxing and bag work routine that follows specific principles and allows for continuity between the different methods of training.

Included here are:

Building a Systematic Approach to Shadowboxing and Bag Drills — 45 minute video
Shadowboxing and Bag Work Drills Video — 12 minutes, edited down from the video above
Shadowboxing Companion Document — Additional information on the topics discussed in these videos