Striking 101: 1.10 + 1.11 Straight Punches, Straight Punch Defense

Module 1.10 Straight Punches (Jabs and Crosses)

Module 1.11 Straight Punch Defense

We isolate the jab and cross in this lesson to highlight the difference between “power shots” (those that utilize Power Movements #1 and #2) and “jabs” (more linear strikes).

While jabbing can be done with both hands, it is almost always performed with the lead hand.  In boxing, jabbing is the most important strike — it gathers information, finds range, and keeps the opponent guessing.  As such, it doesn’t always need to be powerful.

Understanding how the jab works, and what its purpose is, will help you begin to discover the depth that lies under the seemingly very shallow surface of striking.  Enjoy!