Striking 101: 1.06 + 1.07 + 1.08 + 1.09 Body Kicks, Leg Kicks, Kick Defense

In this video, we cover the fundamentals of kicking.

There is much variation even within Muay Thai on how to properly kick, and at The North Star Academy we utilize a very specific method of kicking the legs.  Note the marching motion into the body kick (the “prime step”), and the quick hopping step into the leg kick (the “juke step”).

Given that this is simply a fundamentals course, we are only covering two methods of defending kicks — catching the body kick, and shin checking the leg kick.

There are dozens of methods of defending and countering kicks in Muay Thai, but the staples of catching and checking are timeless, effective, and provide a solid foundation on learning how to deal with one of the most powerful strikes in combat sports.