Striking 101: 1.0 Fundamentals of Stance

Stability, Equilibrium, and Response-Ability.

These are the three pillars of stance.

All techniques and concepts are built upon these concepts, and therefore any improvement made to your understanding and execution of these concepts will radically improve every aspect of your performance.

Combat is first and foremost a game of positioning. Similar to games like chess, striking rewards the player in better position with more access to his or her offense, and less need for his or her defense.

Study the concepts in this video and mindfully relate to them throughout your practice. Start with shadowboxing, and use the tactile cues (touching your face, for example) as a way to dial in to the critical information you’re receiving. Repeatedly pause and self-evaluate — am I balanced? Stable? Am I in position?

Our ultimate goal is to do anything, at any time, for any reason. The more precise and efficient our movements are, the more available our arsenal becomes.

This video references “core stability” — please see the supplementary video (to be uploaded later) on rotational stability, as it will have an incredibly powerful effect on your striking techniques, as well as your longevity in this sport.