Punchy’s Spring Break Boxing Challenge 1.3

Welcome back!

Now that we’ve practiced our stance a ton, and started learning our punches, we’re going to go all in and practice all the rest of them!

This lesson shows you the HOOKS and UPPERCUT strikes. It’s really important to focus on the learning the numbers to all the punches, because once we start getting into longer combinations we’re going to have to be able to speak that language really well.

For reference, the punches and their numbers are as follows. Remember: all ODD numbered punches are the lead hand, and all EVEN numbered punches are the rear hand!

1 — Jab
2 — Cross
3 — Lead Hook
4 — Rear Uppercut
5 — Lead Uppercut
6 — Rear Hook

You may be asking–why is 4 an uppercut and not a hook?

Well, there are a couple reasons, and none of them have ever been explained to me personally in a way that I felt was good enough. Boxing is a very old martial art and has a lot of traditions — this is one of them. Essentially, the rear hook is not often used in boxing, and therefore it’s numbered last.

That is how I learned it, anyway.

There are many schools of thought on this, and many gyms use different number systems, but since our adult curriculum abides by this number system we are utilizing it for our youth programming as well.