Punchy’s Spring Break Boxing Challenge 1.0


Yes, YOU!

This is Punchy the Glove speaking, and I want YOU to step up and take my Spring Break Challenge!

Just because we’re on Spring Break doesn’t mean the training stops! With discipline, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic, we are going to get a lot of cool stuff done!

This challenge is only for the most SERIOUS Samurai students. Do you have what it takes to earn the SECRET STRI– (oops.. I’m not really supposed to talk about that! Forget I said anything!)

It might not always be easy, but it’s going to be worth it!

Now, I know you are probably really awesome at jiu-jitsu. Coach Jackson told me so — and I’m super excited to hear that!

But our challenge is going to be a little different.

You see, I’m just a boxing glove. Well, not JUST a boxing glove.. I’m also somewhat of a poet, an actor, and I’m a lot of fun at Karaoke parties. I have a LOT of weird talents, but I don’t really know much about jiu-jitsu (it’s hard to put people in your guard when your legs are just shoelaces). However, if there’s one thing I know, and know well, it’s BOXING. You could say I was made for it!

We are gonna be slipping and ripping, ducking and chucking, and throwing those combos right down the pipe! There are a ton of really fun drills like Lightning Storm, Tiger Pounce, Float Like a Butterfly & Sting Like a Bee, and more!

Boxing is a SUPER cool martial art, just like Jiu-jitsu! And if you pay attention close enough, a lot of the important concepts are the same. Things like Balance, Posture, Angles, and Base! You remember those from Jiu-jitsu, right? Your new understanding of boxing is also going to make you much better at Jiu-jitsu. How cool is that??

You’ll be able to earn class credit towards your Jiu-jitsu progress stripes, in addition to red, blue, green, AND yellow stripes.

Actually, there’s a rumor that there may actually be a super secret SPECIAL stripe for students who complete the ENTIRE CHALLENGE… at least, I think it’s a stripe. But it’s BIG. Really, really big. I don’t know exactly what it is because I only saw it for a second, but it looked cool! I mean, super duper cool. I can’t say too much about it though. It IS a secret, after all! And even I don’t know all the details!

It’s a Samurai Secret! And I’m just an old Boxing Glove that likes to sing karaoke and draw pictures of dogs and cats, so they don’t tell me these things.

Ok ok, enough about the stripes. Let’s get down to business!

First, you’re gonna have to learn how to stand in your perfect stance. I’ve asked my super close buddy, Coach Jackson, to help demonstrate all this stuff for me. He’ll be taking over the in videos, but since this is “Punchy’s Spring Break Boxing Challenge,” I’m still in charge 🙂

Make sure to download and print out the Spring Break Challenge worksheet below. We’ll be using these throughout our challenge to keep a journal of what we’re learning, track our efforts, and earn credit towards stripes!

Ok, now on to Lesson #1 — STANCE!