$19 Week Pass

Thank you for your interest in our Mixed Martial Arts program here at The North Star Academy!

Our MMA program is a combination of both our Striking and Grappling programs.  In the world of MMA, athletes learn both the grappling and striking arts from the ground up in specific sessions dedicated to those disciplines.

As such, you’ll have access to any class on the schedule (experience and equipment permitting, that is).

Please note that our fundamentals classes do require specific gear — namely, 12oz or heavier boxing gloves and shin pads for our Striking 101 classes, as well as an appropriate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi or Nogi set for our Jiu Jitsu 101 classes. 

You are responsible for providing or purchasing the appropriate equipment in order to participate in classes. No equipment is provided with the trial membership.

Go ahead and enroll in the trial today.  We’re looking forward to seeing you on the mats!

Important Note: Trial Members will have full access to the entire program; as a member, you can attend any class on the schedule for which you have the proper equipment and experience. Make sure to speak with a coach for more information!

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